Holding hands is good. They must be good guys... Right?

Cquote1.png Don't blink you bloody git! Cquote2.png
Dr. Who talking about the Weeping Angels

A Weeping Angel is a statue that is crying because it hasn't ripped you to shreds yet. They are one of the many archenemies of The Doctor and probably one of the scariest statues you will ever see. Weeping Angels are evil creatures and should be avoided at all costs. If you see one, just close your eyes. They'll probably go away.

They became the Fuhrers of Germany in 2086 when they sent Benson back to the 1900s with the help of some of the Teletubbies.

The weeping angels were first created when Leonardo DiCaprio made a wish. He wished for a super-powerful army that would steal Oscar for him. His wish was granted, and then the angels threw DiCaprio into the time vortex, never to be seen again (until he popped out in the 16th century). The angels now roam around the UnUniverse, finding victims to consume their time energy (and possibly their liver).

Fuhrer of Germany
2086-2445 Dexter Grif
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