Jar of weekend pickles

A jar of Weekend Pickles retrieved from Tubby Tower's refrigerator.

Weekend Pickles are special powerful pickles that are eaten by the Teletubbies in Tubby Tower on the weekends. They find the weekend pickles so tasty, it can make Teletubbies more evil and even boost their power to turn into the evil, manic, overpowered Teletubbies Unbound.

This works with anyone who is evil, and many evil people have used them in the past. Naturally, it also works on Chuck Norris, but he's already so powerful you can't tell the difference. Although they are usually eaten during the weekends, their effects can work any day of the week. If the pickles or the pickle juice happens to be ingested by anybody whom is not evil or Chuck Norris, they may become queasy, although they should not be too worried about anything. There is yet to be any other effects observed by subjects that are not the Teletubbies ingesting the Weekend Pickles.

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Pocoyo after eating Weekend Pickles

The pickles happen to be kept in a special sort brine which is slightly more acidic than normal pickle juice. It is possible that it one of the ingredients that makes it special are salts found around the Teletubby Land Acid Lake and an edible mixture of Giygas' Kolk. While it has shown little effects on most kinds of organisms and people besides letting evil people temporarily become unbound, Teletubbies happen to get a metabolism and hormone boost from eating these special pickles, giving them greater power than it gives other evil.

Gabe is the only person who Weekend Pickles do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to. (Good for him.)

Pocoyo loves Weekend Pickles, and he dances wherever he eats them, making him MORE EVIL.

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