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Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown,Black
Eye color: Red,Green,Blue
Species: God
Home: ????
Death: Never.
Likes: Killing,The apocalypse
Dislikes: ????
Education: None.
Occupation: ????
Known For: Killing.
UnRank: Infinity minus one

WeeMalSheeGas (a.k.a That guy who caused the UnWorld to blow up 1,000,000,000,000,000 times), is a Giygas clone who is also a fusion of Weegee, Malleo, Yushee and Giygas. He is one of the most powerful creatures in the UnWorld and can do almost anything he wants. Nobody has yet seen him die, or get hurt for that matter. He is unbeatable. He is an Undefeatable.

Early Life

WeeMalSheeGas did NOT have an early life, because he is just a fusion of four people. So...Yea...That's it for this. If you DO want to know his early 4 lives. Then you can check out Weegee's, Malleo's, Yushee's and Giygas's.


Nobody found out how he was found or how his childhood was. So...Moving on to some more stuff.

To mention, once more. HE NEVER DIES!!!!!! Even if he is killed by Chuck Norris, he respawns. That's pretty much it.


  • Fire Flower Black Hole
  • ???
  • Weegification
  • Ultimate LAZOR
  • Stuff
  • Toxic Gas (Chlorine Gas)


WeeMalSheeGas as mentioned before is undefeatable, but can be sealed up like a certain disgusting pig monster that can't be destroyed no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU HIT IT WITH A MAGIC SWORD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! His weaknesses are using Photoshop, a flash game or a PDF in Nairobi; Lotsa water; indigestion pills; Congunctivitis; Ultimate MIRROR and using all the stuff to fill up the black hole. Once this is done, throw him into the black hole with the stuff or your basement.


If you are a human and want to atleast a chance to beat WeeMalSheeGas please wear a gas mask in the fight. This will help against inhaling the toxic gas.