It's gonna destroy us all!!

Webkinz are stupid characters created by Miley Cyrus and Bill Gates at a dinner party. It once had the ability to hypnotize little girls to the same level as Justin Beaver. But just like Justin, these have got dumber and dumber over time.


They were released in 201301 B.C. and originally consisted of 666 characters. Later, the number shrunk to 300 after Sonic stole some. The 366 limited edition Webkinz were named the "Stuparded Webkinz". Collectors, even these days, try to steal Sonic's collection, but when they approach his house, shots can be heard, warning them to go away. Rumor has it that at Sonic's death, the legendary Webkinz will be put up for sale. But maybe NOT!

No new Webkinz came out until 4 A.D. when Morshu illegally released 1,037 new Webkinz. The total of Webkinz skyrocketed to 1,337. The website "" was then coincidentally launched one second after the 1,037 new Webkinz were released. The illegal Webkinz were soon found by Bill Gates when he was surfing on eBay with dial-up. At the time, he was on Kool-Aid, so he made them legal anyway, and welcomed them into the Webkinz World.

The website worked, by placing a paper plate with "SCAN MY WEBKINZ" written in Ketchup in front of your Game Boi's screen, and then going to your nearest preschool and tossing your Webkinz at the wall. 25 hours later, the Webkinz was scanned and you were ready to play Webkinz Battlez with Miley Cyrus on your Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DSi. A month later, somebody sent a message with an UnIntellivision that said "DON'T PLAY WEBKINZ. IT'S A VIRUS." When Miley Cyrus saw the message, she shut down Webkinz. All of the Webkinz fans decided to make a fan site, and it was shut down a minute after it was put online.

Webkinz came back online six years after the incident, and by then most people had put their Webkinz in the East Hyrule Incinerator. was an useless site until Miley Cyrus started a GIANT advertising campaign 600 years later that shoved ads IN YOUR FACE. We mean it. These ads were on every electronic screen in Stupid City, on every billboard in West Hyrule, the commercials aired twice on every commercial break on every channel in the Mushroom Kingdom, special edition Game Bois were made in East Hyrule just for advertising Webkinz, and a bunch of promotional movies and shames were made. Tired of all this advertising, Toad bought one Webkinz and destroyed it while WaWario was filming an advertisement. Later, this ad ended up to theaters and made everyone buy Webkinz. More and more Webkinz were sold every single day until 2000 A.D. when the Webkinz Factory was bombed and the servers for the website went down. All 12 quadrillion Webkinz sold were taken to the East Hyrule Incinerator.

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