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Webkinz is an extremely dated line of plush toys that come with a secretive code that you can unlock on "Webkinz."


Webkinz started in 2005 as a part of the Canadian company, Ganz (Note the GanZ; that explains why it is Webkinz and not Webkins.) and gained most of it's popularity in 2006-2008. After this, they started Deluxe Membership, and basically made users who didn't buy it LAME. Nowadays, Webkinz is struggling to stay in existence as they only release 2-3 Webkinz pets every month (they used to release like 8!)


The Ganz team thought that Webkinz just wasn't enough, so they started making WEIRD Webkinz. In Fall of the first year of Webkinz, 2005, they started making Lil' Kinz. The point of Lil' Kinz is to be smaller, and THAT'S IT.

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In 2009, Ganz killed took away the Lil' Kinz, and replaced them with Signatures. They are bigger than the casual Webkinz pet. Why are they called Signatures? Because sig rhymes with big. These Signatures were supposedly made by different people than the ones who made the plain Webkinz, and the Signatures had to be taken away in 2013 due to "wanting to make better normal Webkinz pets" (AKA we don't have no money, so we have to come up with an excuse!) Due to the Signatures being ended in 2013, the Webkinz community had a MAJOR downfall.

In 2010, Ganz introduced to the world, MAZIN' Hamsters. Little Hamsters that have the same Webkinz world, a hamster world, and eventually, an AMAZING world. Does this make sense? No. This is why the Hamster world was discontinued in 2015.

In 2012, Ganz released the first Rockerz pets. They basically are stereotypical pop stars who literally look like the Fresh Beat Band gone wrong.

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