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The Weakling King with the Powers of Weakness

" I declare all things weak, will remain weak under our command! "
  —The Weakling King

The Weakling King is the leader of the Powers of Weakness. He is the strongest of the weak guys, which means he's weak. Duh.


Before the Powers of Weakness Before the Powers of Weakness were created, he was known as Bob. Bob was just a guy floating through space. He was just floating, and floating, and floating. The floating got boring. SO BORING. So boring, that Bob got bored.

The Powers of Weakness

As the POW was being created, Bob decided his name wasn't as cool as the others, and figured being leader would allow him to change his name. So, he declared that he was leader or else, and he pulled out a Magnum. Then they let him be leader. I wonder id the magnum had something to do with it...


Eventually, Bob changed his name to the Weakling King because it sounded cool, and also because he didn't want to be confused with Bob the Builder. Only later did he realize it made him sound like a loser. Anyways, he was their leader.


The Weakling King is one of those kings who could have you executed while he's playing a Shame. In other words, he's as psychotic as the rest of POW. End of story.