Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Species: Weegee, or possibly Fakegee
Home: Wherever Weegeekind live
Death: Beaten by 3 every time, respawns though
Likes: Killing people
Dislikes: Being killed
Education: *Laughter*
Occupation: Ally of Weegee
UnRank: 6974283658

Waweegee (1876-1923) is the Weegee version of Waluigi and brother of Walleo. He is the evil clone of Weegee so wherever he goes, his stare will attract to him so he can always see him. However, he got mad when he heard that Waluigi Miffins were being made so he had to make his own Waweegee muffins.

Waweegee is not a Wa-creature. Most people think he's a Wa because of his name. 


Waweegee was born right after Weegee was born. Weegee is the most-loved twin because he is awesome. Waweegee got jealous of Weegee, so he planned to kill Weegee. But everytime he tries to kill Weegee, he always end up failing.

Waweegee was killed when he was trying to kill Weegee. The plan is to kill Weegee by throwing explosive Pie on Weegee's face. Waweegee accidentally tripped over and dropped the pie into his face. The exploded with his hideous face.

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