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Watinkeegee Winkeegee is about to be sucked up by the King K. Rool Cannon!
Watinkeegee Winkeegee
Wee Tinkeegee Winkeegee.jpeg

Full name: Weegeetinkeegee Winkeegee
Gender: Green
Sexuality: We honestly don't know
Hair color: Green
Eye color: White/Black
Species: Wateleteegee Clone
AKA: Weegeetinkeegee Winkeegee
Powers: being just Tinkeegee Winkeegee but BETTER!
UnRank: 10

Watinkeegee Winkeegee is the Wa clone of Tinkeegee Winkeegee. Heeegee is more powerful than Tinkeegee Winkeegee and slightly more intelligent.

Majik Poworz

  • All of Tinkeegee Winkeegee’s Poworz
  • Wastare
  • Fruit Shoot
  • Eh? Oh.
  • Summon Teletubbies and Weegee clones
  • Sonic “Waaa!”
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