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An amateur's watermelon truffle.

This page should not be confused with Candy Watermelons

Watermelon Truffles are, oddly enough, a truffle made of pork. Just kidding its actually a combination of the meat of Sparta 's cattle with chocolate. No its really made of watermelon, no joke.

How To Make

They are made by making a right on 1-95 and hit someone in the shoulder. No its made by simply placing a huge watermelon into your freezer and let it warm up cool down. WARNING: Frozen watermelons are twice as heavy as a unfrozen watermelon. Don't break your feet or your shins. Then, let it melt down and heat up for a day in the desert so it will be easier to cut it since frozen watermelons are twice as hard to slice but the watermelon will defrost so just place it in the freezer for a night, and melt it down in the desert again. Rinse and repeat and finally, cut it open. I know its the same result as before but deal with it. It should taste horrible since its been under a sun for a day and not being eaten for a long time but no worry! Get the red stuff out (don't take out the seeds) and place it in the fridge. Then get some chocolate (or anything else that is brown and can be in a liquid form) and melt it in your oven ortoaster . Once it is in melted form, put it on the red stuff from the watermelon. Take the green parts of the melon and try to swallow it as an appetizer (people sometimes choke on it but call the poison control and they will help you) After that, place the chocolate or other brown stuff onto the red watermelon stuff. You should notice that a moldy substance has grown it is mold it is not mold. The seeds left in it should taste good but try not too eat them because then you will have a watermelon farm in your stomach. Eat and enjoy or enjoy and eat. That also works.