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Picture of Warui

Warui is a corrupt spirit birthed from evil and hatred. Warui represents all things Implode, everything Asplode, and is especially known for Wa. Warui's "children" are Wario and Waluigi. This being's ultimate goal is for everything to become wa, and have everyone resort and be dependent on Warui for power. The only things known about Warui's appearance is that it's purple, once had wings, and Asplode Implode Tinky Winky is the closest looking material form of it we'll get to ever see.

Many compare him to Satan, temping those who seek power only to have control over them.


In 4460000000 BC, this thing popped into existence from cucumber salad with sour cream and garlic mixing together with stardust and Plotholium. Billions of years later, it would make a waclone of Luigi called Waluigi. He later adopted Wario as his second son, who is older than Waluigi. Wario, not knowing of Warui would be especially useful for manifesting Warui's destiny as Warui would trap itself in a blender, foreseeing that if Wario found a magic machine, he'd improve and abuse it. Luckily that did happen, and the Wa-Machine was created.


After some time, Tinky Winky would be put into the Wa-Machine and thus would start to become more and more under Warui's influence, enough to where WaWaWaWaWaTinky Winky would request Wario to make the Wa-Machine 2.0, thus giving Warui further access into Tinky Winky powers, because you see, Warui doesn't magically make stuff more powerful for people's benefit, Warui uses parts of the user's soul for Plotholium mining, slowly destroying them over time for Warui's benefit, after their soul is destroyed Warui takes over the husk and mimics their behavior, and uses them to try and throw people into the Wa-Machine. If a husk proves ineffective at serving Warui they commit suicide. The more Warui you have inside you and the more time he's been draining your soul, the less control you have. That's how Warui lures people into the trap. The only way to stop warui from doing this is to remove completely Warui from your body, thankfully the Wa-Machine has an option to do that. Alternatively the Negative Zone can be applied, as the effect renders 3.333% possession level makes Warui's grip useless, which is why Light Clones and Dark Clones aren't particularly special in terms of power. Chuck Norris found out about all of this when he used the Wa-Machine to create WaChuck Norris and sensed a disturbance, The waclone would later become Warui's main source of power moving forward, and is responsible for making the WaTinky Winky Project possible.

Now you may be wondering what happens when someone uses the Wa-Machine for cloning purposes, the answer is that the soul is split in twain for both bodies and, without excessive splitting will recover over time on both sides, with Warui expending some of it's own power to make things seem normal some of the time. Death from cloning abuse can be seen in some of King Frost's Jack Frost subjects, as the soul would be too weak and Warui knows helping them would be a waste.

WaTinky Winky Project

Asplode Implode Tinky Winky, one of the closest things we'll get to WaRui.

Since Warui has no body, he has to manipulate others to make one for him. Which is why Tinky Winky was the perfect candidate for this, as tinky winky is already the most powerful of the teletubbies, and nobody would suspect a thing, it's just Tinky Winky being evil after all, right?\

Although now that I think about it, you could say Warui's a slave to all the wa-guys and not the other way around.