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Warreoh is a fakegee, a Fakuiyii and the brother of WaGuiyii. He is also Marreoh's rival. He was known to be in The Fakegee War and he did lotsa random stuff like eat lotsa Spaghetti. His house is probably a copy of Squidward's House.


Warreoh is like a tank: Slow, durable, and hard hitting. Especially hard hitting. His mind-nuke might be the single most devastatingly powerful one in existence, possibly exceeding all other known Guiyii related beings as of yet. The draw back however is the fact it takes a lot longer than others do.

It starts off with the target getting excessive heartbeat. Then they start experiencing a long lasting mind-nuking attack which completely destroys the brain. And to finish it off, their heartbeat gets so unstable it literally explodes, along with every artery in their body, obliterating the target.

However, this takes about a minute or two to properly execute, leaving Warreoh very vulnerable in the process. If he gets interrupted, he ends up farting and he has to start all the way over. This is the main reason why he uses his fists instead.


Nobody knows how Warreoh came into existence, and everyone who triees to ind out gets turned into lotsa spaghetti, which Warreoh eats. What we do know is that Warroeh is the dumber, fatter, and uglier rival to Marreoh. Warreoh's favourite food is spaghetti, so he uses he stare powers to turn people into spaghetti, which he then eats. Because Warreoh eats so much spaghetti, Warreoh is super fat. Warreoh uses this fatness as a weapon.

The Fakegee War

In The Fakegee War, Warreoh saw Marreoh eating lotsa innocent people. Always desperate to beat his rival at anything, Warreoh turned lotsa people into spaghetti which he then ate. He ate so much, he exploded, but he respawned.