War of 2012

December 21, 2012


December 22, 2012


End of the World

Major battles
  • Siege of UnAmerica
  • Battle of Germany
  • Complete Capture of UnAmerica
  • Cause of the End of the World

United States of UnAmerica


  • President Obama
    • Raymond T. Odierno

The War of 2012 was a war that wanted to be cool like the War of 1812. It did this by trying to end the world. The war was fought by Hitler's clone against UnAmerica. The war resulted in no casualties, but about $5,367,193,195.35 worth of damage was caused. Ironically, the damage was not caused by the fighting, but by random lunatics running through the street screaming about the world ending.

Build-Up and Cause

About a year before the war, Hitler's clone decided he wanted revenge for no particular reason. He unfriended UnAmerica (in real life and on Facebook), and then preceded to create an army. With the army created, he started screaming in German (probably the coolest language ever), and then declared war.

11 months later, Hitler's clone sneaked into UnAmerica and ripped the signature from the Treaty he wrote.

1 day before the war, Obama found out Hitler's signature from the Treaty was ripped off, so they sent a angry letter to Hitler's clone that read

"Dear Adolf Hitler,


Hate, Obama"

Hitler's clone did the same to Obama. Here's what it says:

"Либер Обама,

--- Вы! ВЫ отменяли МИРА ДЛЯ ГЕРМАНИИ! Мы здесь нападает на вас!

Ненависть, Адольф Гитлер"

And the next day, the war began.

During the War

There were four battles in the war, all taking place in one day because our fighter jets are so fast now. I mean, they're just like ZOOOOOOOOOOM! Then they're like "SSSSHHHHHEEEEWWWW!" Then they go "BANG BANG! BANG BANG BANG BANG! BOOOOOOM!" Then they blow up.

Siege of UnAmerica

Hitler's clone attacked UnAmerica, declaring he will have his revenge. The fool only sent in about 300 guys, and the UnAmerican army of about 3,575,198 guys attacked. Then they went to Germany, because the Siege of UnAmerica only took about five minutes.

Battle of Germany

In the battle of Germany, the entire UnAmerican military moved in on Germany. Their attacks were successful, especially considering Hitler's clone just hired about 1,000 soldiers, 400 of which were Pickles. Germany was close to falling.

Complete Takeover of UnAmerica

However, the fools don't learn from history, and left UnAmerica unguarded. The Rugrats moved in, and took over UnAmerica all by themselves. They placed a German flag in the ground, and declared the land theirs.

Cause of the End of the World

The moment the Rugrats placed the flag, it set off and explosion that blew up the entire planet. But thanks to the intervention of the Undefeatables (And Gabe) Nobody was harmed in the explosion. Hitler's clone and Obama came to the agreement that the war was kinda pointless anyways, especially since the soldiers were all using BB guns. Gladly, they both repaired the entire galaxy.

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