Wander walking around while being stoned.

Gender: Male ♂
Hair color: Orange
Eye color: White
Species: Star Nomad
Home: Flarpin Galaxy
Death: Died when a spacequake struck him; Pops revived him
AKA: Wander the Kid
Likes: Playing with Sylvia
Dislikes: Baby Einstein
Education: Rode Sylvia
Occupation: Sylvia's rider, space traveler
Known For: Bag hat
Promotion: I just gotta help!

Wander is a very friendly and kind-hearted hairy spoon. Even though some people find his boundless energy and optimism to be annoying, in UnAnything Wiki


His origin is unknown but some speculate that he was created by combining a DNA of another creature to a spoon. What we do know is that he always rides his butt-buddy Sylvia who resembles those horses from that show those guys keep talking about. He once joined the group called Guardians of the Galaxy but soon left for unknown reasons.



Wander's hype personality seems to defeat ignorant villains.


Whenever his ADHD is triggered, his speed would gradually change until it reaches its top speed, which is at 350 km/h beating the fastest cars by 1 km/h.


He seems to be obsessed with his banjo for unknown reasons. But what we do know is that he tirelessly plays it every time he has ADHD.


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