Wallman is a Robot Master created by some scientist that died. I can't remember his name, but someone made him. He calls himself "The Indestructible Being." He's tried to make a lot of things, almost all have failed. Two experiments went successfully, but I can't remember them. He's known for being incredibly annoying.

He's almost indestructible, he can resist everything except to oversized swords and bullets. He can be erased from existence, but then he comes back with his arms lost. He is also the second half of the fusion WoodWallman and created the modern Stoopid Fuushun Rungs.



He's annoying and a wimp.


While Wallman is indestructible, he also has the power of summoning bricks and firing Big Bottle Rockets from midair. Due to him having basically stick figure arms, he can extend them and pull of a grab. But due to all of this, he's incredibly weak.



When around 20XX, a scientist decided to spend his final days on working on Wallman. He sent him back in time to warn everyone of a great war, but landed on Pluto in 1970. After 70 more years later, he created two people that were left on Pluto after he found out a way to escape. He then went to Earth and quickly left. He accidentally went into some sort of Hyperspace and ended up in the UnUniverse.


A lot of them happened, they failed.

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