Cquote1 ""Your right! We could get cheese from the moon!" Cquote2
—''', Wallace's excuse on telling Gromit about cheese from the moon.
Cquote1 No cheese Gromit! Cquote2

Wallace is an Englishman who was one of Leonardo Da Vinci's clones. He also made a dog called Gromit. He is addicted to cheese and likes it on his crackers.

Early life

Wallace was created by Da Vinci so he can invent machines for him. The only thing he didn't invent was the Techno Trousers which he bought from NASA in 1993. He built the first ever rocket to fly into space, a porridge machine, a transport system to get to your vehicle and lots more. He was hired by Konami in 2002 to make them a convenient robot, this partnership led to a robot that would soon become Alt 1.0, the first in the line of Konami brand singing computer headed robots.


He is in contact with the BBC, but he doesn't do any evil plotting with them. He just sells machines for them to buy.

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