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Wall of Daniel's flesh
Wall of flesh.jpeg
"Oh... and Wario's still alive. I totally did not eat him."
Gender: Varies, due to being a wall of flesh
Hair color: Flesh
Eye color: Bloody
Species: Mass of flesh
Home: The underworld
Death: Guys slayed him, but he respawns!
AKA: Wall of Daniel
Daniel, and The destroyer of all mortals
Likes: Eating mortals, posting stuff, and Being a pingas
Dislikes: Being eaten by mortals, Not posting stuff, and Being a pingas
Education: The best Edgar Allen Poe gave him.
Occupation: Being an immortal pingas
Known For: The crimson, Eggman, and memes
UnRank: ???
Promotion: Moon lord
  —Wall of flesh, being a pingas

Sometimes, the word pingas has a totally different meaning than a robotnik quote. Meet the wall of flesh, a giant abomination-God-demon thing that's made of Muscles, intestines, Happy meals, meatballs, jams, Eyeballs, mouths, and the occasional pingas. His(just assume it's a He)veins are filled with the blood of the dead, and he's not afraid to be a pingas. He lives in Terraria



While walking around aimlessly, Daniel was wondering how his friend was doing.

Later in the underworld, AKA Hell, Sans and Papyrus were explaining the layers of shame. "You look like a baby" sans says. "Lemme show you how it's done..."

Suddenly, a terrarian jumped down, and tossed a voodoo doll in some magma. "I tossed you into American Hell!" He says. "Ummm... Sans..."Papyrus says"

When he became an adult, he had a son named .

Obviously, the Wall of Flesh emerges, and starts speaking: "You are such succ Soldier. Time to show you what PINGAS is all about!" The hungry start coming at Soldier, while ignoring Sans, papyrus, and the environment.

After Soldier rocket jumped outta there, the wall went back to resting for 10 minutes until some idiots accidentally summoned him AGAIN. This is when the brothers both would die trying to escape.


Wario And Waluigi Accidentally Summon The Wall Of Flesh.mp3


Suddenly, he died, maybe sans killed him we don't know.


...but, Wall of flesh still stood, as he is a pingas, and killed Soldier by nomming his innards. Bloody pingas.

Later on in life, he started reading newspapers... which was hard to see, since he's just obesse.


He retired, and is camping on Yoshipea's home page. He delivers a bunch of useless stuff, and just is a bigger pingas than before.


  • Summoning him will temporarily put him out a retirement. To do so, get a guide voodoo doll, toss it in hell's lava, and VIOLA! You get a killer wall ready to eat... err... meet you!
  • It's rank is unknown, as he... she... it? Uhh... we dunno what gender it is. We'll just assume it's a he.
  • Anyway, the rank is unknown, because he's made of various dead guys.
  • Some parts of The Wall are made of the wall of flesh's flesh.