The financial dictator of Wall Street, buckling down after a hard day.

Wall Street is the name of the largest and most reliable financial source of the United States of America. Centered in New York City, New York, in Midtown, it is used to transport money from different countries and states. It is currently lead by Presidential Cat, who directs the movement of money transportation.


Wall Street's financial organization was created in 1901 by some loser, when she decided to try and make a buck off of a new source of money for New Yorkers. She was noticed by authorities in 1902, and eventually her company (Wall Street) became the most reliable source of money for the whole of America. On her deathbed, however, she decided to sell it to the Cat Family.

Presidential Cat, the military and political leader of the family, decided to immediately take in the company, and eventually built it to become one of the most known and respected money-shipping businesses in the world - still is to this day.

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