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Waddle Dee

Waddle Dees are weird creatures that do alot of things. They bow down to King Dedede and build shrines to Cyber-Dee. They carry around lotsa crap and they kill themselves for no reason. But they do one thing more than any other. They do stupid. I'm not sure what "doing stupid" is, but they do stupid all the time.

Waddle Dees were first created when King Dedede decided he wanted minions. Since Bowser had koopas and Mario had toads, it was only fair. He kidnapped some random goomba and zapped it with a bottle of holy water. The holy water caused it to take form of the great god Cyber-Dee. The Waddle Dee was born.

They really like pancakes, SO much that every Friday they stop whatever they're doing and eat pancakes At Dennys and the bill goes to King Deded

If you want your own Waddle Dee, get a pancake and feed it to it PS: A waffle could do, but they'll be less loyal. There Are INFINITE AMOUNTS OF THESE.

Actually, a Waddle Dee is Kirby's buddy. He has a spear to defend himself. Kirby always tries to eat him, and gets stabbed with a spear 201 times .He still has a soft side for pancakes.


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