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WaZeigi is what happened when WaZelda and a clone of Marigi were hit by a meteor. WaZeigi is supposedly a brave warrior, combining the strength of WaWaWaluigi and the cunning of WaZelda. In all reality, WaZeigi is as great of a warrior as a dead Magikarp. WaZeigi's only dream in life is to stop being a fakegee and instead be cool like Mario, but this was a FAILURE.

WaZeigi was born one morning in early March. Just as the spring flowers began to blossom, WaZeigi turned its ugly head and they all died. Upset at how ugly it is, WaZeigi ran into the forest, hoping to hide its horrible face. It's horrible, horrible face. Unforunately for WaZeigi, there was a tribe of wild Oompa Loompas in the forest. After an epic showdown involving Energy Blasts and Uglykinesis, the Oompa Loompas had fallen.

WaZeigi lived in solitude for many years, until one day Wario had tracked it down. The Fakegee War was at its height, and Wario needed a neutral fakegee to open negotiations. WaZeigi was honored, and met up with the fakegees. WaZeigi's face was considered an act of war, and WaZeigi was forced to flee. It returned to its forest home. Except the home had been infested with Koopas. WaZeigi wasn't good at jumping, so it couldn't jump on the koopas to kill them.

WaZeigi was not heard from for many years. Then suddenly, the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny had begun. Batman was just about to be killed by C2 when suddenly, WaZeigi springs into action! Except just having the intention of assaulting C2 caused WaZeigi to spontaneously combust. The tragedy of WaZeigi had ended.

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