Not to be confused with Boshi

WaYoshi is going to attack!

WaYoshi is a weird creature that was created when Wario kidnapped Yoshi and threw him into the Wa-Machine. Out came a weird dinosaur called WaYoshi. Unlike Yoshi, WaYoshi is a threat. WaYoshi can actually beat up Mario and WaMario at the same time.

As soon as WaYoshi was created, he ran off, came back in, kicked real Yoshi, and ran off again. Then, he went to Dr N. Brio to see if he could invent some sort of weapon for WaYoshi. Brio invented a weapon, but then shot WaYoshi with it, shooting him across the world. He eventually just hid in a box of Munf Munf for three years.

He came out, and flew to the WaWorld, using a spaceship he stole from a Vandal. The vandal followed him, but got blown up because WaYoshi shot missiles at him. WaYoshi then got hired to be in three shames, but only ended up appearing in one. Wario saw the moment to capture WaYoshi, and then threw him inside the Wa-Machine to make a clone. Both WaYoshi and his clone would unsurprisingly beat up Wario and escape again.

Wow! WaYoshi's clone has managed to find a time warp!!!! WaYoshi's clone goes backward.. And backward he did as his clone went back more than half a billion years in time. He would walk to the Dinosaur World to stop King Koopa from raiding Dome City millions of years in advance, he promised to the dinosaurs he would stop the koopa attack from happening. WaYoshi persuading everyone, would become king for the next 280 million years. Unfortunately Ganondorf would make him DIE, seizing the throne. How unfortunate WaYoshi's clone would never be able to stop King Koopa.

WaYoshi's clone might be dead, but the normal WaYoshi now resides in the Sonic Islands, randomly attacking people with his Vuvuzela.

King of Dinosaur World

520000000 BC - 239999979 BC Ganondorf
(239999979 BC - 66000000 BC)
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