WaWorld's Landscape

This is WaWorld from a landscape view.


The WaWorld in outer space.

The WaWorld is a planet that exists in A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away. It is a purplish place that glows funny. It used to be a regular planet called Bore, but Wario went in, and asked Freak with the Hood if it would be okay if he kept the planet. Wario hooked up the Wa-Machine to Darth Vader's Force, and turned the entire planet "wa".

The WaWorld is now the current location of the Wa-Machine, and also the home of all of the Wa-guys, except for WaDipsy and WaTinky-Winky as they live in Teletubby Land. Of course, they frequently come to Earth to kill people, but they hang out here for Coffee breaks. A bunch of stolen Teletubby Clones are kept here to use as slaves as well.

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