WaWei is the Wa-Clone of Wei and a Teletubby Minion. He used to be a person but is now a place.

him prior to place-ification


After Po was recovered and took over CBeebies, Po was planning to make a Wa-clone of Wei, so, Wei's show was cancelled and Wei was put into the Wa-Machine, and WaWei became a new Teletubby minion, in form of a place.

People hate WaWei as much as WaWaFries.

50 years after his birthing he went to steal some Dice from the wizard Dyn Ciwb, but he was caught and Dyn Ciwb turned him into an island east of Ireland, off the coast of Cornwall (Southwest UnUK). It is unknown if he can still think or has sentience but he still exists as the Isles of Scilly (not to be mistaken for the Island of Sicily, where the Mushroom Kingdom is located) .

Former Allies


him after place-ification, circled in red

Former Enemies

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