WaWario on a diet.

WaWario V2

V2, looks more like WaWaluigi.

Cquote1 WaWario the WaLegendario! Cquote2

WaWario is a wa-guy who was made with the Wa-Machine. He has an whinternship with Wario (a whinternship is an internship with a whip). WaWario is not very powerful compared to most villains.

WaWario was created when Wario wanted an evil minion. Since Wario thinks he's handsome, he decided his minion should have his face. He sat on his Wa-Machine, wondering how he could do this. When his fat caused him to fall into his Wa-Machine, WaWario was produced.

WaWario worked for Wario for several years, as he is a weaker version of Wario, and has a smaller brain. WaWario eventually decided he quit, but he didn't really know how to quit, so he just kept working for Wario.

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