Luigi Meets Waluigi

Luigi Meets Waluigi

Luigi meets Waluigi and Wawaluigi



WaWaluigi V2

V2, looks more like WaWario.

WaWaluigi is a h8er version of Waluigi. He was accidentally created when Waluigi was thrown into the Wa-Machine. He is Waluigi's nemesis and constantly follows him around.

WaWuligi spent three years arguing with WaWario over who got the last piece of gum. The problem was solved when Wario took it, and popped it in his mouth. Then, Waluigi came in, and then they started fighting while WaWuligi walked away.

He was eventually recruited by WaDaisy for Super Daisy 64. Afterwards, he was killed by WaDaisy. Later, he was hired by WaDaisy to go into the Wa-machine with WaBowser and WaMario  to create WaBowarigi.