WaWaWario, stuck between the Void and the UnUniverse.

WaWaWario V2

V2, looks more like WaWaWaluigi.

WaWaWario is the Wa version of WaWario, who is the Wa- version of Wario. He is a denizen of The Void Outside the UnMultiverse. He is known to be the smartest version of Wario ever known (not that that's saying much).


WaWaWario was created when the Wa-Machine released an excessive amount of Wa-Radiation into the atmosphere after the creation of WaWario. This radiation, which contained WaWario's DNA, entered the Void through unknown means. This caused WaWaWario to appear out nowhere.

Since then, WaWaWario has been going bananas. He has tried to breach the borders of the Void multiple times, all because of "an unexplainable, instinctual longing in [his] soul ". He somehow has the ability to breach dimensions at will, but nobody has figured out how they work or why WaWaWario has them.

Trials and Tribulations

Since his conception, WaWaWario has been at war
Banana Spider

The Banana Spider, WaWaWario's worst enemy.

with the very first creatures he encountered in the Void: a horrifying arachnid called the Banana Spider. It is a creature filled with mindless, infinite hunger (read: Kirby) and has filled WaWaWario's nightmares ever since he was attacked by them en masse. Thus, when WaWaWario is not trying to jump between dimensions, he is usually killing Banana Spiders.


Today, WaWaWario is stuck between dimensions. When attempting to dimension-hop yet again on December 21st, 2012, he heard a chorus of frightened outcries from a nearby planet. They screamed something about an earth-shattering apocalypse, which frightened WaWaWario and caused him to hesitate. Of course, everybody knows that one must never hesitate when jumping between dimensions, but WaWaWario did it anyway. That is why he is stuck to this very day, waiting for somebody to rescue him. His fate is all the more tragic, however, when one considers the fact that no one else has been able to travel between dimensions. An exception to this rule is Dr. Eggman Nega, who once invented a dimension-hopping device, but it was destroyed and he has not rebuilt it since. Many people, one of them Chuck Norris, however, have working dimension-hopping devices.

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