Cquote1 What... The f**k... is he doing? Cquote2
Someone, seeing WaWaWaluigi doing naughty things to a dead Teletubby Land Bunny
Cquote1 His WAH level is OVER 9000! Cquote2

WaWaWaluigi is the destroyer of light. He was first created by WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky using the WaMachine but malfunctioned after being hit by Laa-Laa's ball and made a WaWa clone instead of a Wa clone, a very rare occurrence which will likely never happen again.

WaWaWaluigi can be seen at North Hyrule where he lives in a hotel room, where he smokes at. His apartment is actually underneath the hotel where Wa clones live. If you want to go there, ask an employee nicely for the key to the bottom of the hotel. But be careful because Shadow Bonnie, Shadow Freddy and the WaTubby Toast Legion roam there, and they would definitely kill you if they could. WaWaWaluigi also has rabies so he could kill you too.

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