WaWaWaWaWaAsplode Tinky Winky


WaWaWaWaWaAsplode Tinky Winky is, possibly, the most powerful WaTinky Winky yet, nearly ten times more powerful than even WaAsplode Tinky Winky. He was responsible for, surprisingly, just 3 counts of vehicular manslaughter after he warped into the Real World in his Wa-DeLorean.

Just ten seconds after his existence, he jumped into the Wa-Machine 2.0, because the normal Wa-Machine can't handle WaTinky Winkies after 10x. And in this process of becoming Asplode Asplode Tinky Winky, he'd become super weak for some reason and not powerful.


  • All the powers of WaWaWaWaAsplode Tinky Winky at the same strength
  • Chlorine breath
  • Adding fluorine onto the chlorine
  • Sodium Sh*t
  • WaCementygas Explosion (his entire body explodes into living WaCementygas)
  • He can do the Pinkle Winkle Tinky Winky Black Hole Maneuver for up to a minute
  • Radiant Beam Spam
  • Fire Water Ice Wind Elemental Imitation Roundhouse Kick
  • Face Flower Lightshow Attack
  • Better version of The Stupid One`s Attack
  • Turn into Barium
  • Can Teleport Behind You (Nothin Personnel, Kid)
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