WaWaWaWaWa! is an episode of Teletubbies (2015 TV series). It stars every Wa-Guy ever in it.


The episode begins with The Magic Windmill spinning, causing the Teletubbies to do some weird dance and a video to appear on Po's screen. In the video, Wario puts the Flushed Pets into the Wa-Machine and they come out as the WaFlushed Pets, including WaSnowball. After watching the video again-again, the Teletubbies decide to put the Tubby Phone, Alt 2.0, the Boohbah, and the Tiddlytubbies into the Wa-Machine and create the WaTubby Phone, WaAlt 2.0, theWaBoohbah, and the WaTiddlytubbies. Not thinking about what could go wrong, they throw a WaParty, but things take a sharp turn when WaJumbah, who is twice as dumb as the original Jumbah, uses the WaTubby Phone to call EVERY WA-GUY EVER to come to the party. The first guy to show up is WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky. Second came WaBonzi Buddy. Third came the RETURN of WaOptimus Prime. Fourth came WaSnowball. Fifth came WaKim Jong-un. Sixth came WaWaSnowball. Seventh came WaCoiny. After that, Teletubby Land becomes so full of Wa-Guys, that Noo-Noo gets annoyed and decides he wants to suck up each and every Wa-Guy. However, WaNoo-Noo sucks HIM up and soon, the Wa-Guys go around destroying everything.

Once everything is destroyed, the Teletubbies are so mad that they banish each and every Wa-Guy to a Wawa gas station. Of course, they destroy the gas station as well. Then, the episode ends.


Wario Ratings rated this episode X, because they thought it was the most EXTREEEEEME thing they had ever seen due to it starring EVERY WA-GUY EVER.


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