WaWaWaWaJack Frost

This nuclear guy (Known as a WaWaWaWaJack Frost) is like the normal(?) WaWaWaJack Frost, BUT EVEN WAH-ER! He's a little bit demented, and it's hard to find them since they're always in the power plants of the Frost Dimension and King Frost likes keeping them secret.

Nuclear Powers

As you might be able to see the original atoms in his body were replaced with Uranium, Iron, as well as Neon. and anything he touches melts. He generates heat using Nuclear fusion, like the Sun. Being around him is a very serious health risk as he emits a lot of Gamma rays. Being made up of all this nuclear stuff he's actually quite weak to Psychic attacks, making Pokemon like Mewtwo devastating to him.

Other Stuff

After all of their nuclear stuff decays and they'll turn back into a normal Jack Frost, skipping the other WaFrosts, this process however takes OVER 9000 years.If you had one of these guys you'd probably have enough power for everything times 20.

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