WaWaWaWaBonzi Buddy

WaWaWaWaBonzi Buddy is the Wa-version of WaWaWaBonzi Buddy. Unlike many WaClones, he was created in the depths of Vinesauce's stanky danky memes. The more you use Bonzi Buddy memes, the more WaWaWaWaBonziBuddy gets stronger. He hates everyone (that is, in the modern times), including Bonzi Buddy and his WaClones. He can infect supercomputers, and can go into secret government plans.

He can summon an arsenal of weapons, including guns, swords, shurikens, kunais, katanas, missle launchers, tanks, and much more.

Truth be told, he is one guy you shouldn't mess with.


  • This is why Joel from Vinesauce hates Bonzi Buddy so much. He didn't want this to happen in the UnUniverse.
  • Rumors have been going around that he's the actual I Hate Everything, because he truly hates everything. That's not the case, as he likes the Golden Age of Animation, and classic times.
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