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" 🝺 "
  —WaWaWaAsplode Tinky-Winky
WaWaWaAsplode Tinky-Winky
What even is this?
Gender: All
Sexuality: All
Hair color: Djsjsjjsjwjwj
Eye color: Red
Species: Teletubby
Height: 69 Inches (actual body)
Powers: (See list)
UnRank: √-1

WaWaWaAsplode Tinky-Winky is the Wa version of WaWaAsplode Tinky Winky that doesn’t exist. Of course he doesn’t exist! You can’t add another Wa to WaWaAsplode Tinky Winky. Or can you? Don’t ask me.

Oh heck. Oh frick. He might exist.


There isn’t much to say about WaWaWaAsplode Tinky Winky, but it is assumed that pure abomination was created when he entered the Wa Machine.

Possible Powers

  • All the powers of all other Tinky Winkies previous
  • More speed.
  • The ability to fire in spurts with relative ease.
  • Become pixelated.
  • Become Ultra 4K.
  • Wa.
  • Exist?
  • Seperate into 3 different color channels


  • Wa.
  • Wa.
  • Wa.