You thought WaTinky Winky was scary?

WaWaTinky Winky is nothing more than a science experiment. One day, Wario was wondering what would happen if someone who was already a wa-guy was thrown in the wa-machine. Originally, he was going to make WaWario get in the wa-machine, but WaWario didn't want to, so Wario shot WaWario (who is bulletproof due to his fat), and went off to find some other wa-guy. WaTinky Winky is very stupid, so he agreed.

Wario threw WaTinky Winky in the wa-machine, and out came WaWaTinky Winky. WaWaTinkyWinky is the opposite of WaTinky Winky, making him very smart. WaWaTinky Winky is often called "as smart as Dipsy". This is why Dipsy came down and shot WaWaTinky Winky. WaWaTinky Winky is currently in recovery and is expected to lose all four limbs and his head for unknown reasons.

WaWaTinky Winky is sort of like a bunny when it comes down to it. He hops around, and when you kick him, he gets hurt. However, he is not like a bunny, because his IQ is higher than that of the average bunny, and he is a servant of Adolf Hitler (despite being created after Hitler died).

WaWaTinky Winky is most well known for being the guy who was thrown in the Wa-Machine to make WaWaWaTinky Winky. Remember to thank Wario!

One day, when WaWaTinky Winky was laying down on the hospital bed, Dipsy came in with Dipsy Doodles!!!!1!!1! Now, WaWaTinky Winky was smart, but he didn't know about Dipsy Doodles, so he took some and ate them. Unfortunately, WaWaTinky Winky's limbs fell off, so Dipsy got mad and SHOT HIM IN THE FACE! He died. But he got revived because Chuck Norris liked him. WaWaTinky Winky has not been seen since he ran out of his reviving place. It is also unknown what he is doing or where he is, most probably hiding the woods somewhere. It is unknown if he died again. But Chuck said "If he did, I'm not reviving him again." Several anonymous benefactors have agreed to revive him if he does die, though.

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