WaWaMr. T


Little is known about WaWaMr. T.

What we do know is that he was a WaWa-Guy made out of WaMr. T in 2020. Soon after he was created, he attacked the Undefeatable Palace after stowing on board Thomas the Tank Engine, nearly immediately being struck down by the train once he disembarked. He respawned, but was pitied by the real Mr. T shortly thereafter, causing WaWaT to asplode.

He was created by Wario, but just like WaMr. T before him, he ran away and declared himself part of the WaRepublic of T, a haven for WaMr. T clones. WaWaMr. T is the vice president of WaT.

He also likes Pedobear, and the reverse is true. This is because WaWaT is a Little Girl.

He also walks backwards all the time. Despite this, he can see with his weird-dar.

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