WaWaAsplode Tinky Winky is the stronger WaAsplode Tinky Winky that nobody asked for, he can destroy just about anything with his arsenal of powers!


He is a large threat to UnMan Kind. Some say he was made by Captain 1 himself! He has all the powers as WATW but more aswell, everyone fears him, and boy isn't he a nightmare! He has Asploded millions of people and is hiding in the cellar of the Tubby Tower. Even the Teletubbies are scared they locked the basement away so he never came out, he did though.

He was able to destroy WaAsplode Tinky Winky in 0.001 seconds. Apparently, he is SO powerful and evil that he could be almost totally immune to Chuck Norris, but it was proven wrong, because Chuck Norris teamed up with God to defeat him, and he died just one day after his own creation because.... Chuck doesn't allow anyone to know his only weakness, which WaWaAslpode Tinky Winky was the ONLY being in existence besides God and Chuck Norris himself who knew of it, and no one can be more powerful than Chuck Norris.

New Attacks

  • Ring of Plauge
  • Asplode Beam
  • Shock Storm
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