WaTinky-Winky is HAPPY! Just like Zumbah

WaTinky-Winky is a wa-guy that was created when Wario and the other wa-guys kidnapped the Teletubbies, and threw them in the Wa-Machine. WaTinky-Winky was the first Wa-Teletubby created, so he is the stupidest, just like the real one. WaTinky-Winky is also ugly.

After his creation, WaTinky-Winky somehow pulled an AK-47 out of his pocket (even though he doesn't have any), and started blowing holes in Wario. Wario's fat protected him, but this taught WaTinky-Winky "Blood = good." WaTinky-Winky is now as murderous as the real Tinky Winky.

However, WaTinky-Winky is not good at killing, so he decided to just get a job as a cashier at Burger King. When King Harkinian came in for some DINNER, WaTinky-Winky tried to shoot him. So, the King kidnapped him and sent him to a Hyrulian prison.

Soon after this, none other than Wario came to visit him (despite a very strict no-visitors policy in the prison). Wario broke him out on the promise that WaTinky-Winky will work for him. Wario blew up the prison, but the idiot forgot to get WaTinky-Winky out of the prison before he blew it up.

WaTinky-Winky, though not killed by the blast, was left paralyzed from the neck down. He lived in a quiet home in the Mushroom Kingdom, paying Wario $100 a day because Wario would shoot him if he didn't. Waluigi kept telling Wario that WaTinky-Winky was just a zombie that survived the blast, in the hopes Wario would let him have him, but Wario slapped Waluigi every time he said it. In October 2012, WaTinky-Winky recovered and escaped back to Teletubby Land and now lives there so Wario created another clone, WaWaTinky-Winky.

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