owo what's this?

Gender: Male
Hair color: Wa-Blue
Eye color: PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brown
Species: Wa-Guy
Home: Sonic Islands
Death: Falling off a cliff
AKA: WaFoxboy
Likes: Sports
Dislikes: VeggieTales
Education: Stuff
Occupation: Mediocre Villain
Known For: Adopting an entire shelter's worth of kittens
UnRank: 10^33

WaTails is WaSonic's best pal. He is actually really cool, unlike the actual Tails. He hates WaDr. Robotnik and normal Tails (doesn't everyone?). He died because he fell off a cliff, but he respawned. He was created when Slippy Toad was being an idiot like usually and accidently knocked Tails into the Wa-Machine.

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