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Too slow for the clothed eye!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Yellow
Eye color: White
Species: Wa-Guy
Home: Sonic Islands
AKA: WaSonic the WaHedgehog
Likes: Hot Dogs, all variations of Pingas
Dislikes: WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky
Education: Can eat chocolate really, really well.
Occupation: Chef
Known For: Being cool
UnRank: 777777775.896

WaSonic is a Wa-Guy version of Sonic. He is super slow. His arch-nemesis of WaDr. Robotnik and his sidekick is WaTails and is best friends with WaKnuckles. He also likes WaShadow. He loves hot dogs without chilli and beans and stuff. He is best friends with Mario. They are so friendly with eachother that they had peace gathering.

Trying to kill Sonic

WaSonic is a jokester so of course he tried to kill Sonic. He put a chili dog and a spike pit and told Sonic about it. Sonic walked over and when he saw the spikes he turned around and punched WaSonic. WaSonic was sad and went home to cry. Little did he know WaDr. Robotnik was there and used AK-47 on WaSonic. However, with such a hard jpeg crust, the AK-47 barely made a dent and fell to the ground. WaSonic immediately blew WaRobotnik away with a rata-tat-tat.


The black glow and jpeg crust around him are real, as he fell through the Compression Maschine [sic].

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