WaPoDipLaWinky in all it's glory

Gender: Male
Hair color: His fur is different colors
Eye color: Inverted Colors as PoDipLaWinky
Species: Undefeatable
Home: Undefeatable Palace
Death: When WaBonzi Buddy infected him with WaViruses
AKA: Wopipainky
Likes: Killing the Teletubbies and everybody evil
Dislikes: Being demoted or exiled from the Undefeatables
Education: Nothing
Occupation: (Formerly) Undefeatable
Known For: Being (Formerly) Undefeatable
UnRank: 99999 x Infinity + 10^100

WaPoDipLaWinky is.......yeah, you guessed it, a wa-version of PoDipLaWinky. He's a Wa-Teletubby and a hes nice to kids

He was created when WaDaisy found out PoDipLaWinky was killed ( by lacking some internal organs), so she put him in the Wa-Machine. The result was this. (see above) Unfortunately, he was killed by WaBonzi Buddy because he tried to kill a creature of darkness that tends to infect anything in sight with WaViruses.

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