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" I am WaPo. Destroyer of worlds, destroyer of galaxies! I have defeated gods, I have outdone the Undefeatables themselves. I am mightier than any being you will ever meet. Surrender to me, and I will only CONSIDER killing you. "
  —WaPo, freaking out a bunch of Kindergarteners.

How am I gonna put this...

The mighty WaPo! EVIL!

WaPo is the wa version of the worst Teletubby: Po. WaPo is like Po, but WaPo is so much eviler! WaPo was created when Wario wanted slaves, so he kidnapped the Teletubbies, and made wa-versions of them. Po put up the biggest fight, but Wario had stolen Pingas, and used it to subdue her.

After being created, WaPo was blessed by Chuck Norris himself. This is one of the rarest things that has ever happened ever. WaPo is now a god, and she likes to throw that weight around. WaPo was, at one point, the most powerful being in the world (the Undefeatables were somewhere else).

WaPo is powerful enough to blow up entire planets (and eat them, if she wants). WaPo once destroyed an entire galaxy just because she thought it looked ugly. She can kill people just by wanting them dead, and she is always always ALWAYS watching you! (She'll watch you even she doesn't even want to.)

When the Undefeatables decided WaPo had become too powerful, they sent Marx down to blow his head off. WaPo and Marx fought for twenty seven days before WaPo was finally taken down. WaPo was banished to a distant planet as a prison. All five Undefeatables have locked him up here, so he can never escape.

Though it was Chuck Norris who gave her so much power, it's never Chuck Norris' fault. Wario had to take full blame for this terrible creature. He was sentenced to seven seconds of community service (which he never actually carried out).

She is the reason why The Good Teletubbies Show is currently off the air in the US.