He REALLY does want to kill everybody after all........ RUN!!!


What?? He plays with himself...... LIKE HOW THE REAL ONE DOES!? NO F**KING WAY!! BULLS**T!!

WaOptimus Prime is an unconscious Optimus Prime that was thrown right into the Wa-Machine by Wario and Waluigi (Optimus Prime is a giant machine anyways....)! He's one of the newest Wa-Guys out there.

WaOptimus Prime supports Michael Bay's films so much that he wanted to ruin everything like how he did. WaOptimus Prime decided to make everything from people's childhoods into violent s**t, and everything from people's adulthoods into childish s**t.

WaOptimus Prime is also obviously an ally of other Wa-Guys like WaMario, WaPeach, WaYoshi, WaSonic, WaBenson, WaSnowball, WaPo, WaLaa-Laa, WaDipsy, WaTinky-Winky, and many others!

For example, He made films and games from people's childhoods like Monsters Inc. and Pokemon into very violent, dark, and crappy stuff. He also made films and games from people's adulthoods like Terminator and Halo into very childish, bright, and crappy bulls**t.

He actually hates the Teletubbies more than anyone else, and on multiple occasions has killed the Teletubbies in their own show.

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