The Wa Version of Noo-Noo

WaNoo-Noo is a wa-version of Noo-Noo. WaNoo-Noo looks exactly like Noo-Noo, except WaNoo-Noo is orange and the real one is blue.

WaNoo-Noo was created when the fat Wario threw Noo-Noo in the Wa-Machine while he was sleeping. WaNoo-Noo is Wario's vacuum cleaner, and is stupider than Noo-Noo and the Teletubbies, which is really stupid. WaNoo-Noo likes to annoy WaDipsy and sometimes the real one, and gets chopped up to bits by Dipsy. but he can respawn.He can suck up things twice as fast as Noo-Noo can.

He still is horrible at sucking stuff. He isn't even a real Wa-clone!

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