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WaMr. L
As if Mr. L wasn't bad enough...
Gender: Male
Hair color: Pale Blue
Eye color: Orange
Species: Wa-Guy
Home: Teletubby Land
Death: Yeeaah, no.
AKA: Commander WaMr. L
Likes: Killing People
Dislikes: You (so you better run)
Education: Honestly we don't fudging know
Occupation: Commander in the Teletubby Army
UnRank: 999,999,999

WaMr. L was created when Mr. L fell in the Wa-Machine. He somehow became a trusted member of the Teletubbies and is a commander in the Teletubby Army. Rumor has it he is the only non-teletubby allowed in Tubby Tower, as he lives there. He lives in the basement, but he still lives there. You will mostly see him go Noob Hunting so he and the Teletubbies have something to eat with their Weekend Pickles. Once, WaMr. L was attacked by Neck Joe and Mama Snow while he was having a haircut, but he fended them off by throwing the Wa-Machine at them. However, Mama Snow ingested part of the Wa-Machine and some of WaMr. L's hair, and WaWaMr. L was born some time later.


  • Contrary to popular belief, he is his own person, and not a brainwashed person.
    • He is not the brainwashed version of Waluigi.
  • He killed the dun dun dun guy.