WaMafia symbol of praise.

The WaMafia (also known as the Wario Mafia) is an evil mob formed in 2012 by the desire to overtake Collage Board and get some of their income stream. After being successful, the WaMafia would go on to do bad things to good people and generally be evil. Whatever bad things they done who knows! Questioning their ethics is futile because you'll die instantly to the WaMafia's hitmen. (Although nobody has actually died to a member of the WaMafia)

Unsurprisingly, Wario was the Boss of the WaMafia and Waluigi was the Underboss. Eviler Bowsette would join the WaMafia because she hated the 2012 AP exams.

Wario got started by making test questions for the AP tests (usually the answer was garlic), and got promoted to AP Test Question Maker Assigner after he proved his worth to College Bound. Sneakily he would be hiring both Waluigi and Eviler Bowsette to truly begin their evil work. Eviler Bowsette realized how much of a simp Bob Saget was, would then use this technique called "prostitution" to become vice president of College Bound, replacing Tinky-Winky and then promoted Waluigi to Social Media Manager. With this power Waluigi made a Reddit account called dinosauce313 and troll everyone and after Bob Saget saw how much eviler than him Waluigi was, gave the company to Waluigi and told him good luck. As you might have guessed, everyone was fired leaving only the 3 wamafia members in charge of the company.

It is unknown if the wamafia after this will do anything again.

The WaMafia also hates Count Cannoli.

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