WaLaa-Laa holding WaTubby-Toast (which is just tubby toast painted blue)

WaLaa-Laa is a wa-guy. No, not just a regular guy, a wa-guy. Like all wa-guys, WaLaa-Laa was created when the real version of the wa-guy was thrown into the Wa-Machine like a ragdoll. WaLaa-Laa is a really weird wa-guy, because most turn out evil, but WaLaa-Laa actually came out as a good guy.

WaLaa-Laa is a good guy, so she didn't want to be evil like the real Laa-Laa. Instead, she decided she would be a good guy, so she went to go help people. She decided she would be Batman's new sidekick. This almost worked, but then a bunch of bad guys came, and WaLaa-Laa got scared and ran for it.

After that didn't work, she decided to become the royal servant of King Pac-Man. However, she got scared because Pac-Man looked evil. So, she tried being the servant of Peach, King Harkinian, Sonic, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and even Chuck Norris. However, these people all scared her too much.

She then tried working at McDonald's, but then some guy came in and tried to rob the place, and WaLaa-Laa got scared and ran. Eventually, WaLaa-Laa got so scared of everything around her, she got in a (scary) rocket, and blasted off into space. She lived on this rocket to avoid scary people.

She decided to live in Captain 0 Land because it was the only non-scary place she could find.

If she finds a guy that looks scary, she will run. and will ALWAYS run.

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