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WaJack Frost
WaJack Frost
WaJack frost

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Age: Unknown
Species: Frost
Height: 4"11'
Home: the Frost Dimension
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Religion: Waligion
UnRank: 162

WaJack Frost is like Jack Frost but T-HEE WAVERSION, HO! Hee's almost as black as that ho Black Frost. Hee als-ho has a Wa-version of himself called WaWaJack Frost, hee ho.

He was manufactured by King Frost when hee needed a ho to make Cadbury Chocolates 10 times faster than a Jack Frost but not be as big hee ho as a Black Frost. But when ho being Waified hee lost a lot of his ability to dance and attack. He is ho the Prime Minister of the northwestern hee-ptant ho-f the Frost Dimension.


2.0 Version, looks more like WaWaluigi

WaJack Frost Theme

WaJack Frost Theme

After the first WaJack Frost was made King Frost d-hee-cided to make 500 more ho for good measure! They're all nothing more than hee hos to the king!. But after this they kinda wanted their rights back and they never got them hee ho. Leg-hee-nds say to this very ho they've b-hee-n brainwashed not to hate being a slave, ho! Further evidence of hee ho this is in the fact they always have a wifi symbol over their hee ho hats.


Nothing except Ice Resist.

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