WaHappycat is the Wa-Version of Happycat. He is friends with his creator, NEDMgee.


WaHappycat was created by NEDMgee when he felt that Happycat was just not powerful enough.

Things he has done

WaHappycat has done many things. Just to name a few, he has:

  • Became very powerful
  • Blown up a tank with only his bare hands
  • Installed an evil doorbell that has claimed 21 victims so far
  • Gave people Spam WaEmails, which infected their computers with the WaVirus
  • Redirected people to wholesome websites. We are against anything wholesome.


  • He has no friends. But he is a cold-blooded killer, so he doesn't care.
  • Sometimes WaHappycat goes to parties, gladly not killing anyone there.
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