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No. Just...No.
Gender: Male
Species: Fried WaPotatoes.
Death: Killed before, but he respawned.
Likes: Trying to kill guys
Dislikes: Teletubbies; WaCoiny
Occupation: Just plain evil
Known For: Being ABLE TO KILL WA-GUYS.
UnRank: -Potato

WaFries is a wa-version of Fries, who is evil, plain evil. He wanted to join the Teletubbies because he is evil enough, but Po won't let him. WaFries was made when Wario captured him and threw him into the Wa-Machine. Out came WaFries. He can kill sh*t. IF YOU SEE HIM, YOU WILL DIE! WAFRIES IS SO EVIL THAT HE CAN KILL ANOTHER WA-GUY!!! And yeah, he hates Snowball. He is rivals with WaCoiny. Yes, RIVALS!!!!!!! He tried to kill WaCoiny once. After that, he also tried to kill Snowball. WaFries was killed before, but he respawned. He killed almost everyone, except WaCoiny, The Undefeatables, the Teletubies and their minions, and the Tweenies. Because he couldn't be a minion of the Teletubbies, he joined the Tweenies. He is friends with Zoroark because they are in the same group.

He can also retrieve people and make them respawnable.