WaElmo was created when Elmo found out about the WaMachine. When Elmo found out about the WaMachine he instantly wanted to make himself a Wa clone. So he tried to find the WaMachine but he couldn't find it. He asked every single one of his friends if they knew where the WaMachine was. None of them knew so he found Weegee. He asked him where the WaMachine was and Weegee pointed right in front of him. The WaMachine was right in front of them. Elmo stepped into the WaMachine almost immediately, he selected the "WaClone" and started the machine. The machine started going crazy and than it spat out Elmo except instead of being regular he was Wa!!


Look at this crap!!

Elmo's Plan

Elmo's plan is that he can get every single other person in the Elmo Gang to turn Wa just like Elmo. Let's just hope that does not happen at all.

Seriously. That would be horrible. There would be a WaElmo Gang. Wait? Am I giving WaElmo ideas? This is horrible! Maybe soon there would be a WaElmo Gang.

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