The madman known only as WaDipsy.

WaDipsy is a wa-guy that was created when Wario tossed an unconscious Dipsy into the Wa-Machine. WaDipsy is just as powerful as Dipsy, except WaDipsy likes singing, and Dipsy doesn't know how. The only other difference is WaDipsy doesn't have an obsession of explosives like Dipsy does.

WaDipsy is the only wa-Teletubby that remained willingly loyal to Wario after being created. Even when Wario commanded him to go blow his own head off, he did. He tried to shoot himself in the head, but somehow missed, and shot Wario's foot instead.

WaDipsy also likes to invent cool weapons. Whenever Wario is holding a weapon that isn't completely lame, WaDipsy probably created it. The only time WaDipsy ever invented a lame weapon was when WaPeach threatened to kill him if he didn't make her an awesome weapon. So, he made a gun that shoots whoever tries to use it.

WaPeach decided to get her revenge on WaDipsy by hiring Vlasic to kill him. Vlasic didn't want to, so he just kept shooting pickles. WaDipsy decided Vlasic and him were best friends after that, so WaDipsy got into pickle-hunting. However, he was not able to handle the Pickle Monsters, and he was arrested in Pickle Land.

WaDipsy broke out of prison, and he tried to bomb Pickle Land. But their spies discovered this, and they went after WaDipsy. He eventually went to hiding with Waluigi, but WaDipsy was kidnapped when Mario found him. The real Teletubbies came in, blew up Mario's house, and WaDipsy went with them to Teletubby Land as a prisoner.

WaDipsy broke out, but realized that he was stuck living there. Dora the Explorer now keeps an eye on him when he leaves.

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