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WaDill Nte

The horror!

WaDill Nte, simply put, is a mistake. Created by Vesta, a member of the UnAnything Team, after trying to make WaDill Nye's page, not much is known about him as he can not only turn himself invisible, but he forgets he's invisible.

Eventually, he was killed in 1999 when the real WaDill Nye was testing the Dinner Blaster, although nobody is sure if WaDill Nte is really dead because Waluigi saw him near a Burger King 15 years ago. Builderman also reported in 2015 that his name was in the list of people who recently took a loan from the bank.

It is unknown whether anyone is committing identity fraud with WaDill Nte or if he's just hiding under the radar. However Wario says he's alive. I wonder what that could mean...

No seriously he was killed by Wario.


  • He can break off pieces of his aura and direct them to enemies.
  • He can swing his head like an N64 analog stick.
  • He can attack with his pointy right arm.
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