WaDaisy in the WaWorld.

WaDaisy is is a "wa" version of Daisy that was created by the Wa-Machine. WaDaisy is considered the most dangerous Wa-Guy as of today.

WaDaisy was created when Wario wanted an evil version of Daisy, who is already very evil. He created WaDaisy, and she vowed to serve him. She then kicked him, and ran for it. She hid in the WaWorld for several years until she could get her hands on some plasma.

WaDaisy came back, and decided she needed to take over the world. She created WaBowarigi, tried to blow up Earth, consumed human flesh, and even bought some new clothes. Nothing worked.

Frustrated, she gave up, and started her career as a part time explosives expert. She now works under Morshu.

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